large insitu reactor

Catalytic Test Units

The Ikey catalytic Test units incorporate elements of each of the mentioned design aspects into a single custom product. Its open layout allows for ease of operation and maintenance by the client, with typical utility (power, gas, extraction) tap-in points providing for direct installation into existing laboratory infrastructure. Single, double or triple reactor tubes can be mounted within the same reactor block for parallel testing. Both manual and automated control options are available at YOUR discretion. Control boxes for manual control can be removed easily for maintenance, whereas the automated control features have the benefit of easier data logging. The modular construction has allowed a level of standardisation and also the rapid interchange of malfunctioning components, with off-the-shelf spares, minimising research downtime.



  • Customised
  • Modular
  • Enclosed
  • Multiple parallel reactor tubes now possible
  • Accurate complete long-term computer data logging