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The company’s core expertise relates to laboratory-scale catalytic reaction test units, namely gas and/ or liquid delivery systems, single or multiple catalytic reactor configurations, as well as simple product separation for off-line or on-line analysis.

This knowledge has been combined with logistics to source, manufacture and/ or assemble the ancillary components to produce turnkey catalytic reaction test units, including automation, servicing and maintenance of the equipment.

Cape Catalytix (Pty) also manufactures related patented instrumentation under exclusive license from the University of Cape Town.


Cape Catalytix (Pty) Ltd was established as a spinoff company of the University of Cape Town.

The company ardently believes in constructing products using safe engineering methodologies for peace of mind, as well as in delivering products with excellent quality and functionality to suit each client’s performance expectations.

Cape Catalytix (Pty) Ltd incorporates its design knowhow into the creation of functional laboratory products, offering design choices to custom-made turnkey products. This alleviates much of the need for time-consuming in-house development by the client and provides greater veracity and quality of the research data from the equipment.


A ‘Cape Catalytix’ Catalytic Reaction Test Unit

Catalytic Reaction Test Units are mobile or skid mounted. Utility connections (power, gas, extraction) provide for direct instalment into existing laboratory infrastructures. The open layout allows for ease of operation and maintenance by the client. Single, double or triple reactor tubes can be mounted within the same reactor block for parallel testing.

Both manual as well as automated control options are available, the latter with the added benefit of data logging. Modular construction effects a substantial degree of standardisation that allows for the rapid interchange of components with off-the-shelf spares, so minimising research downtime.

X-Ray In Situ Reactor *

The x-ray in situ reactor allows for continuous catalyst structural property monitoring as a function of reaction environment (T, P, gas composition and space velocity) and which, when coupled with off-gas analysis (gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, etc.), provides for a fully in-operando structural property characterization methodology. The x-ray flow reactor mounts directly into leading x-ray diffraction instruments and may be controlled via diffractometer integration or via a Universal Controller also supplied by Cape Catalytix.

Universal Controller *

 A stand-alone universal controller for multiple temperature, pressure and flow stream controls as well as data-logging. Users interface via a computer tablet integrated into the controller but which can also be operated remotely via a Bluetooth connection, as required for instance when operated at synchrotron facilities where the user prefers not to remain in the instrument hutch during experimentation.

Heat Exchange Jackets *

Unique quick-connect shell-type heat exchange jackets for heating or cooling standard Swagelok vessels – available for 100 ml, 300 ml and 500 ml vessel sizes.

Heterogeneous Catalyst Batches

Custom manufacture of technical scale catalyst batches according to client or literature recipes – g to kg quantities.


Fixed-bed Reactors and Heating Blocks

Stand-alone isothermal reactor assemblies (furnace and reactor tube) for incorporation into the client’s own reactor skid.


Frames, Trolleys & other Mounting Structures

Stand-alone frames, trolleys & other structures for the mounting and integration of client-specific equipment.


CAD Drawings & other Designs

Custom designs and CAD drawings to client specifications.


Plumbing & Piping Installations

On-site laboratory plumbing & piping solutions to meet client requirements – includes design, manufacture and installation.


Custom-Designed Equipment

Design, manufacture and assembly of laboratory equipment for non-catalysis purposes, e.g. continuous crystallization reactor, bioprocess equipment, etc.


* Manufactured under exclusive licence from the University of Cape Town



5th level, New Engineering Building, Madiba Circle, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch


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